Pentecost Sunday

  The Holy Spirit came on the Jewish holiday of Pentecost, fifty days after the Passover. The disciples of Jesus were praying together in an upper room. Jesus had just ascended to heaven. He promised that the believers would receive power and would be His witnesses in all places. When the Holy Spirit finally came, everyone in the […]

Online Bible Study: All of Life as Worship (John Piper)

Worship is what we were created for. Worship is not just on Sunday, but happens every day, all the time and in all of life. What is true worship? Why do we do it? How do we do it? What can we do if we don’t have it? In this 4-part course, John Piper, teacher […]

Global Worship

  Join Seedbed Church and 15 other ethnic and multicultural churches in a Global Worship and Thanksgiving Dinner on November 21, 2014. Dinner will be served at 5PM.